2014 Florida Law Enforcement and Public Safety Appropriations

May 21, 2014

From The Florida Current


The 2014 State Budget passed by the Florida Legislature funds law enforcement and public safety departments at $4.15 billion.  The majority of the money goes to the Florida Department of Corrections (“DOC”).

DOC – Corrections is funded at $2.3 billion, an increase of $111 million over last year.  Included is $39.5 million for 488 new full-time employees (“FTEs”), mostly at work camps throughout the state, and $23.2 million to pay the current year deficit.

Justice Administration (“JA”) – JA is funded at $835 million, including a $6 million boost in Guardian ad Litem funding for 105 FTEs and $587,000 for five FTEs at the capital collateral regional counsels. Many JA employees will also get pay raises, though the money is allocated outside of the department’s budget.  $10.9 million is budgeted for state attorney and public defender raises, and assistant regional counsels will get a 2.5 percent bump.

Department of Juvenile Justice (“DJJ”) – DJJ is funded at $551.3 million, including $37 million for the current year deficits in detention cost share and inmate health services. Another $20.8 million was allocated for 2014-15 to fund the detention cost share with counties and health services.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (“FDLE”) – FDLE is funded at $259 million, including $3.9 million in funding for training centers and $4.5 million to replace the state’s computerized criminal history system. State law enforcement officers will also get a 5 percent pay raise, though it is included outside the department budget.

The Department of Legal Affairs, which houses the Attorney General’s office, and the Parole Commission will also get minor increases to pay for new FTEs.