2008 Legislature roundup: Mar. 18

Mar 18, 2008

Tallahassee Democrat--Mar. 18, 2008

The Florida Legislature is in session through May 2. Here are the key issues yesterday and what’s coming up:

What happened: Florida’s voters will be offered a chance to cut their property taxes by about a quarter in exchange for a 1 percent increase in the sales tax and closure of various sales tax loopholes after the Taxation and Budget Revision Commission voted to put it on the ballot.

What’s next: Let the campaign begin.


What’s happening:The mail-in re-do presidential primary seemed to get stamped return to sender, languishing without support from the leading campaigns.

What’s next: Federal court appeal is considered, last-ditch appeal to the national party continues.


What’s happening: A House council considers a statutory fix to paying for all the stuff required by the Class-size amendment at a time when the state can’t afford it by, among other things, changing the timetable for compliance and jiggering with how things get counted.

What’s next: Bitter partisan divide.


What’s happening: House Policy & Budget takes up proposals that didn’t make it last year, giving taxpayers a lot more power to contest their property assessments by shifting the burden of proof away from property appraisers.

What’s next:Senate didn’t go along in the fall, will it now?

—Florida Capital Bureau